Photography Rocks! Why Photography Is Really An Excellent Hobby

It is a simple question. Why shall we be held taking photos? What is so special about photography when compared with other visual artistic representations?

I am not penning this to provide you with a solution, but I am discussing why I really like what photography does for me personally and why I believe it’s this type of great hobby to integrate into my existence, that also resulted in my experience beginning a photography blog.

Why Photography Means A Great Deal To Me

When I share my own good reasons to these questions and Let me encourage you to definitely add yours within the commenting section too. You can give a connect to your site or gallery for everybody to savor too.

I am sure everyone includes a GREAT story to inform.

Photography Fills A Necessity

In my opinion all of us selected up a video camera in a very youthful age, regardless of how simple or fundamental that camera might have been. My first camera would be a Canon Snappy 50 provided to me by my mother after i was 8. In my opinion it had been due to the 84 Olympic games ads which i saw within the magazines that stored advertising this camera. It’s abnormally lengthy frame which little orange tab to help make the flash fire were icing around the cake to have an 8-yo! I needed the star-spangled version however that was unavailable in Asia in those days.

Anyway, my mother would be a shutter bug, not inside a technical or artistic sense, however.

Like the majority of moms, she snaps everything and records every little embarrassing memorable moment my sister and that i undergo. It had been just like a diary on her, and she or he wound up getting suitcases of photo prints sorted in plastic bags and Dymo labels (remember individuals? Damn I am dating myself an excessive amount of here!).

Go forward to my elementary school and school years, my camera adventures circled around taking snapshots of buddies, skateboarding antics, and martial-art occasions. Attending college, the purchase of the proper SLR opened up the floodgate of equipment lust and much more serious phases of photography.

Since I am a parent, my camera’s job circled to what my mother i did so, documenting my son’s adventures. My son’s daily photo diary began 4 years ago and I am still doing the work now. I wanted I could start the daily photo project earlier, but a minimum of I required enough images of him since birth that my collection can nonetheless be considered ‘complete’.

Photography also fills lots of less personal needs for me personally. From taking photos in my companies, earning possibilities through compensated photography services, or perhaps beginning my online blogging journey (this website!). I would not have observed individuals things whether it wasn’t due to photography.


Many believe that photography is not a skill nor should it deserve just as much attention as works of art since it is relatively simple to get involved with photography. As I do agree to some extent, there are many factors the naysayers do not realize too.

Anybody by having an image-recording device could possibly get began with photography, which makes it fun and private for everybody. Yes, you do not need talent to consider pictures, but unless of course your ultimate goal ended up being to make photography your art medium, there is nothing wrong with only snapping pictures without any concern on technicalities nor appearance.

I do not think there will be many individuals entering a skill store buying some styling brushes and begin painting from convenience or impulse. I have yet to determine a significant headline news moment being attracted or colored either, it is simply no immediate method to communicate when compared with photography. Ever thought about why it’s simpler to locate a camera for purchase than some art brush?

I appreciate a great sketch or painting around anybody, however for a man much like me that has no talent in painting or drawing, there is a big, invisible wall stopping me from connecting to the paint artist.

An image, however, enables me to assume as though I am seeing the area with the eyes from the professional photographer (I personally don’t like that clich√©, there is however no better phrase).

With photography, the immediate feedback connects us even faster. Camera phones, remote uploads, social networking discussing all enables us to determine the planet in fact – yes, even when there is no skill involved!

Just how is the fact that a poor factor?

The Gadgets Are Enjoyable

Just like any hobby, the success, growth and durability depends greatly using its marketability.

We’ve got the technology revolving around photography is extremely addictive and exactly how brands play into people’s minds created both amusing conflicts and insipirational camaraderie. The straightforward proven fact that the majority of the products aren’t that different but they’re marketed in a way that just subjective comparisons can be created nowadays enables photography to become a never-ending supply of debate, which alone is entertaining and a focus grabbing already.

Film cameras previously reach have a existence cycle of approximately 2-three years per model. Now within the digital world, the greatest models only get 18 several weeks of existence prior to being supplanted by new. Basic level cameras will not even serve you for a year before they are due for substitute.

Technology enhance new needs for further accessories and gadgets, and for many people gear heads, we are willing propose the economy and feed that gear lust of ours.

Immortalizes What You Worry About

The greatest reason, In my opinion, is only the ability of recording a minute in fact with only just one mouse click. Sure, skilled and experience photographers may capture the scene inside a more artistic manner when compared to casual snapper, the answer point is, you taken what you would like to keep in mind immediately!

Our brain and it is stored memory are perfect, you are able to patch together fragments of the event and relive all day every day effortlessly. Whether it’s an organization event, everyone can recall each and every detail with each other with only one photograph. The feelings an image can throw back at you may be overwhelming at occasions no matter technical execution.

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